Solo & Group Projects

2015- Art Of The Duo: “Les Danses De Vulcain”, with François Jeanneau (Japan Release), Tutu

2014-Dance Mañana, HGBS

2013 – Thinking Of You, with The 105 Lenz-Kubach-Johnson Jazz Trio, HGBS (Fenn Music)

2011 – Une Fille pop, Vila Mariana, with Emmanuel Tugny and the Lady Guaiba’s Swing Band

2011 – “Is there a life after Bradley’s?” with Ed Schuller, Tutu

2008 – Walking in the Wind, with François Jeanneau,Tutu

2007 – Good-bye Venus, with Ed Schuller & John Betsch, Tutu

2004 – Tenderness – The Art of the Duo, with Noma Kosazana, Tutu

2001 – Rainmaker’s Dance, with Ira Coleman, Horatio “El Negro” Hernandez & T. K. Blue, Arkadia Jazz

1997 – Echoes of Mandela, with Ed Schuller & Victor Jones, Tutu

1995 – Love Channel, Bellaphon

1993 – Trouble in Paradise, with Noma Kosazana, Tutu

1993 – Trane’s Tree, with Johannes Barthelmes, Konnex

1992 – Konzert der verlorenen Söhne, Konnex 5035, with Johannes Barthelmes

1991 – Life at the Montreux Music Festival, B&W 005/006, with Günter Lenz & Allen Blairman

1989 – Live at Sweet Basil, Enja, with Cecil McBee & Joe Chambers

1986 – Midnight Candy, Enja


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