Past and Present

“Poetry & Piano” with Red Haircrow, Flying With Red Haircrow Productions


The 105 Lenz Kubach Johnson Jazz Trio


Created by Uli Lenz in 2007, the 105 Lenz-Kubach-Johnson Jazz Trio has been playing around the world. Uli Lenz on piano, Gerhard “Kubi” Kubach on bass, and Zam Johnson on drums. “When you want to experience the true meaning of love for the music, musician generated atmosphere and an individualistic yet collective flair of combines in smooth jazz harmony? Go see 105 Lenz-Kubach-Johnson wherever they are, whenever you can. You’ll never be disappointed.”

Jeanneau Lenz Duo


The German pianist Uli Lenz and French saxophonist François Jeanneau, are included in the top rank of the contemporary European Jazz scene. The duo owees its existence to the Goethe Institut of Pakistan, which searched an adequate partner for the German piano virtuoso Uli Lenz. François Jeanneau, a soundpainter, saxophonist, flutist, composer and arranger since the sixties, is one of the most outstanding jazz musicians in France. Photo by Hubert Villing.

Lenz Schuller Duo


 Uli Lenz and Ed Schuller are an international duo of special class. Both musicians have been touring around the globe for over 20 years. The music of Lenz and Schuller is powerful and dynamic. “Instrumental dialog culture at the highest level. Something for gourmets.” Photo by Laura Drosse.


In the nineties, Lenz worked among with Abbey Lincoln, Patricia Nomakosazana Dhlamini, Steve Grossman, John Barthelme, Hannibal Marvin Peterson, Idris Muhammad, Ed Schuller, Victor Jones, Pepe Berns and Thomas Alkier. Lenz toured repeatedly throughout Europe, the Middle and Far East and Africa, where he earned the nickname “The man who dances on the keys.”


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